Thursday, January 8, 2009

From Rags with pictures

I worked with Fred as a postdoctoral fellow during the years 1988-1992. He has had an abiding influence on everything I do. Fred was an outstanding scientist whose contributions have deeply influenced the way people think about protein structure and folding. More importantly, he was an exceptional person, warm, cheerful and solid as a rock. One trait that I particularly admired was his ability to continue doing his own science, whether it was banging out programs down in C-10 or working on his pet photolabeling project for experimental accessibility measurements. Both activities were occasionally punctuated by a variety of juicy, muttered phrases when things were not going smoothly. I have attached a few photographs, which more than anything I can say, capture a few of the many memorable and happy moments spent around him.

Raghavan Varadarajan aka Rags

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  1. Dear Gerry,

    Here is a list of people in the photos.



    RV1 Guilford, ~ 1998
    Gerry, Sujata, Johnnie, Thelma, Fred. [l to r]

    RV2 International Center of New Haven, 1992
    Sujata, Thelma, Hal, Gerry, Wendell, Fred, Johnnie [Clockwise]

    RV 3 Guilford ~ 1998
    Unknown [neighbour?], Sujata, Rags, Johnnie, Thelma, Fred

    RV4 Fred's 65th birthday meeting (1990)
    Back row (Johnnie, Rich Wynn, Gerald Johnson, Dave LeMaster, (?), Homme, (?)
    Middle (Rags, Naren, Eunice, Thelma, Steve's wife, Steve K, Amelia, Bob
    Mozayeni, Hal) Front (Fred)

    RV5 Dave's deparature (~1990)
    NMR Spectroscopist, Fred, Dave, Jose, Suresh

    RV6 International Center of New Haven (~ 1992)

    Wendall's pineapple, Gerry, Wendell, Fred.


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